Leonardo La Barbera was born in Termini Imerese (Palermo) in 1952.
In the 70 ies he emigrated to Freiburg in Germany where he worked at the artistic glass workshop of Karl Isele several artists like Emil Wachter, Hans Stocher, Rainer Dorwarth, Hans Gunter Fanlooch and Jurgen Brodwolf were in contact with the glass workshop where they worked out theirsketches and drawings and where they put them into glass products.
Here is where Leonardo La Barbera feels the impulse to paint and sketch as well. He attends a free course of drawing at the University of Freiburg led by Peter Stosinger and showed good results. In 1974 he joins the artistic movement in Freiburg and becomes a member of the art gallery “Das Schwarze Kloster”.
Here he gets aquainted with artists like Mario Ceroli, Josef Beuys, Manfred Bluth and Peter Dreher.
In the following years La Barbera develops an own artistic identity with aquarels, pastels and sketches refining and peronalizing the school of master Stosinger.
His works “Paesaggi Immaginari” ( imagined landscapes ) have their roots in the unconsciousness and give space to his studies of the lines that are being transformed in unregular lines as he learnt with his master. In a line there is a contained life and the universe as a whole. The line lives in all its forms and directions, the line itself is life.
In its uncounted number of lines the artist sees mankind in them and each single line is a human being for him, a person. So there is a whole world inside his works, depicted accordingly to the artist’s mood – a world “that surrounds him – his world”.
His works are show and exposed in private collections of museum and in galleries of Italy, Germany, France and Australia.

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