It’s very difficult to define art although we have a clear notion about it. According to a modern Definition art doesn’t limit itself to reproduce a picture of the spiritual point of view that has been worked out by the artist but shows the matured spiritual factor.
Eventually art as such doesn’t exist, there are only artist. “There were men who sketched with colored soil the shapes of a bison at the walls of the caverns and today they paint publicity ads at the
Metropolitan stations.” (E. H. Gombrich, 1950)

The famous artist of abstract art of our century K. Malevitich said: “The artist threw over board all what concerned the objective and ideal structure of life in order to give space to mere sensibility. “
Thus, according to this thought, the artist dosn’t feel bound any longer to the surface that is to be worked on but he is able to transport his compositions of structures towards the space. This is a sheer informal concept that excludes evry traditional form of performing where colour is an adventure of desire prior to the sight.

La Barbera is an artist who paints with essential lines. The sign are virtuos images that are followed one by the other like in a breathtaking game. His works are painted dreams – the artist himself is absent but his soul is cleary perceptible. He explores the surfaces with courageous brush
 strokes with focus on the objects’ structural elements that represent only a pretext to express his temperament and his determinations.

The prevailing colours of his palette are grey and white in all hues possible, cold blue, solar yellow with intruding touches of erd, orange and green.

When painting is a well performed piece of sounds – then sculpturing is a silicate matter full of light. Painting and sculpturing are one, entire creature what can be explained by their resemblance of their formal inventions, by their stylistic characters that draw them close together in the regin of trasforming imaginations.
The works seen as computed pices posses and essential colour. The artist is capable to adapt the forms he had chosen to the material he uses for his work – a process that completes both the two components reciprocally.
The choise of the material is not only a question of secondary importance – it is essential.
La Barbera thus is working on a distressed process of a phsycal trasformations of the substance.
What requires a spiritual proneness towards light and beauty.

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